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Announcing the winners of our Labrador Wilderness Photography Contest!

We are pleased to present the winners of the Labrador Wilderness Photography Contest! One photo was chosen for each of the four categories below by our panel of judges. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest! We received many beautiful entries, and contestants gave our judging panel quite a challenge. Although not all photos won, it was incredible to see such fantastic representations of Labrador’s beauty. Stay tuned for future contests!

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Winner: Labrador Scenery

Photographer: Paul Zizka

Torngat Mountains, 2016

Bear Tracks, Torngat


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Winner: Labrador Wildlife

Photographer: Eldred Allen

Groswater Bay, 2020

Two Canada geese fly in close proximity during the early Fall just outside Rigolet, NL. Goose hunting is a valued tradition in Labrador and one that provides great enjoyment and nourishment to families.


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Winner: Labrador Life

Photographer: Jennifer Bull

Upper Lake Melville, 2021

Skiing to my friends trappers tilt on new years day.

Winner: Adventures in Labrador

Photographer: Jennie Williams

Nain, 2011

Driving to the cabin just outside Nain, Nunatsiavut for a day of relaxing, ice fishing, and exploring the land.


Winner: Random Draw

Photographer: @katie_ward05

Thank you to all of our contestants! 

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