The Puffin & Petrel Patrol 2014

  • Published on Oct 01 2014 |
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This year was a HUGE success for the Puffin & Petrel Patrol. Ending the season in early September, CPAWS-NL and CWS of Environment Canada had the final count of banded and released pufflings as a whopping 729, with only 20 release days, that’s about 37 pufflings released daily for the whole season!

A much needed thank-you to all of the donors, patrollers and local home and business owners that showed their support throughout the patrolling season this year by dimming their lights, changing out bright bulbs to become puffin safe colors, as well as keeping crates on-hand for spotted fledgings. Your help and determination did not go unnoticed!

If you have any questions about the patrol, please contact