Local CPAWS Supporter Wins “Outstanding Non-Profit Individual”!

  • Published on Jul 21 2011 |
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Inspiration Meets with Action: EECOM’s 2010 Awards

Whoever thought that the way you travel to and from school could make you happier? Individuals and organizations from across Canada that are accelerating change through discoveries like sustainable happiness, were recognized by the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) in Regina last month. The 2011 awards winners are:

  • Outstanding Post-Secondary Individual:  Dr. Catherine O'Brien
  • Outstanding Government Agency:  Halton's Green Cart School Program
  • Outstanding EE Membership Organization:  Earth Rangers
  • Outstanding K-12 Educator:  Steve Dunsmuir
  • Outstanding Non-Profit Individual:  Julie Huntington
  • Outstanding Non-Profit Organization:  Craik Sustainable Living Project

Taken together these EECOM award winners demonstrate the remarkable difference a few people can make in their communities and region. In addition to Dr. Catherine O’Brien’s work on sustainable happiness, EECOM recognized hands on projects like Halton, Ontario’s GreenCart compost program that reached 61 schools and 27,456 students in 2009-10 and Julie Huntington’s marine education program. Huntington’s nominator said “She is a great navigator at sea and the only other person who has more experience at releasing large whales from fishing gear is her husband!”

On the other side of the country educator Steve Dunsmuir was recognized for what his nominator called “a jewel of an amazing and innovate education program in a small rural school that would have otherwise been closed due to declining enrolment. Now students arrive by water taxi daily spending much of the day outdoors, incorporating environmental awareness in all their coursework, and participating as active members of their community. Students leave with critical and independent thinking skills, an appreciation for our environment, and means to take action to protect it.”

Craik Sustainable Living Project (CSLP) is EECOM’s 2010 award winning non-profit because it acts quickly to turn unsustainable prairie economies in to sustainable ones. Grasslands have been recognized as being among the most altered environments in the world and CSLP helps farmers who are tied to an industrial system convert to more sustainable practices.

Earth Rangers is the 2010 award winner with the largest reach. In 2009 alone, Earth Rangers programs were delivered to over 290,000 people. Based out of Ontario Earth Rangers works with children to protect endangered species.  Their long-term goal is to protect enough natural habitats to ensure the lasting survival of all species in Canada.

EECOM is Canada’s only national, bilingual, charitable network for environmental learning. EECOM works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning to ensure Canadians are environmentally literate, engaged in environmental stewardship and contributing to a healthy, sustainable future. At a time when the environment and sustainability issues are a clear priority to Canadians, EECOM’s role is more important than ever before.