Canada is home to the world's largest remaining stretches of intact forests. We need to act now to safeguard the long term health of our boreal forests. Canada's Boreal forest represents 25% of the world's remaining frontier forests, while southern forests in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada form a surprisingly wild network of wilderness, despite encroaching development.

Forests are of enormous value to Canada, providing
*vital wildlife habitat
*a filter for air and water
*a hedge against climate change, by storing carbon
*a place for recreation
*a source of pulp and paper, ideally with responsible logging practices

CPAWS plays a leading role in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) is a historic agreement made between conservation groups and the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC). It covers more than 72 million hectares of public forests licensed to FPAC member companies across Canada.
Changing economic realities and heightened public and marketplace concern over environmental issues have created both problems and opportunities for Canada’s forest industry and environmental organizations. From these challenges has come a unique collaboration between 21 major Canadian forest products companies and nine leading environmental organizations.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is a strong step in the right direction towards long-term sustainable stewardship of our vital boreal forest ecosystems. 

CPAWS supports the goals of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. CPAWS-NL is at the table in negotiations to apply the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement to the operations of  Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, Ltd.in Newfoundland. To learn more about the program, click here Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

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