CPAWS Newfoundland Staff



Tanya Edwards
Executive Director


Tanya joined the NL chapter of CPAWS in January 2004. She has a Masters of Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science degree obtained from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. She has considerable academic and work experience in promoting environmental protection through sustainable use and establishing protected areas across the province. She has experience in developing, coordinating, supervising and implementing various conservation projects. Tanya has a passion and love for the outdoors and enjoys spending time camping, boating and hiking with her husband, son and daughter.

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Kathy Unger
Conservation Coordinator


Kathy is a wildlife enthusiast with demonstrated experience in ecology research, wildlife conservation, and public engagement. She is a versatile, creative, communicator, with an aptitude for interpersonal relations and outreach with a broad variety of stakeholders, including academia, government, donors and volunteers. Her enthusiasm for wildlife and field work has taken her to work with chimpanzees in Nigeria, seabirds in Newfoundland, and wolves in Ontario. Kathy earned her BSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph and her MSc in Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology from Memorial University.

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chris miller

Chris Miller Ph.D.
National Conservation Biologist

Chris is the National Conservation Biologist for CPAWS.  He works to create networks of protected areas across the country, including the protection of critical habitat for boreal woodland caribou.  Chris is actively involved in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, working at both the national level to ensure the delivery of high-quality science products, as well as at the regional level directly with negotiations for new protected areas.  Chris has a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Waterloo and a B.Sc. in biology and earth sciences from Dalhousie University. Chris has been working with the Chapter on the terrestrial file.