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Protected Areas Steward

Volunteer Stewards are individuals and organizations that help to develop a world-class network of parks and protected areas. They provide input to site managers to assist with the management and operation of a number of protected areas throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Duties of a steward include:

  • To record the state of important natural terrestrial and aquatic features, flora and fauna, including endangered or threatened species and habitats.
  • To record any evident changes, threats, or disturbances to the protected area.
  • To identify any intentional or accidental violations contrary to the legislation of the protected area.
  • To inform Protected Area Managers of their findings.

Besides helping to protect environmentally sensitive areas as a steward you also have:

  • a great learning opportunity
  • an outdoor adventure for individuals, families, or friends
  • volunteer experience for your resume

Get out there, and Protect your Natural Areas! Learn more about the program:

Join the steward program now! Please read the following statements below and email us your contact information.

  • I agree to become a Protected Areas Steward.
  • I will follow the guidelines and regulations outlined in the CPAWS-NL Volunteer Stewardship Monitoring Guide as well as those of Parks and Natural Areas Division, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador during my visits to protected areas.
  • I will visit a protected area at least once per year, fill out the standardized form in the monitoring guide to the best of my ability and return it to the CPAWS-NL office in St John’s.
  • I understand that CPAWS is not responsible for any injury or damage as a result of my volunteer visits, or while in transit to and from the monitoring site.

Email us your name, email address and mailing address. On receipt of your email our Environmental Coordinator will contact you.